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I was twelve years old when I met H. P. Lovecraft at Kennedy airport.

    My parents were at Kennedy meeting a plane which was late.  I was bored and restless, so my mom gave me some money and hustled me off to the nearest book kiosk.  That’s where I found     The Dunwich Horror and Others by H. P. Lovecraft.

    I had always loved the old Universal Horror movies; Roger Corman flicks; reruns of     Alfred Hitchcock Presents,     Twilight Zone,     One Step Beyond, and     Thriller – the darker the better.   But this was something new.      Twilight Zone, et. al. all dealt with real people coming up against the unknown and unexpected in the real world, or in a world not terribly far removed from the one we know.  This Lovecraft guy, though, he was dealing with unreality on a whole ‘nother scale – a cosmic one.

    I was hooked.

    Over the next few decades (I won’t say how many), I sought out Lovecraft’s work with the obsessiveness of one of Lovecraft’s protagonists.  In the process, I discovered King, Koontz, and a host of others.  I also decided that I wanted to  write as well, so I started submitting my own speculative fiction to numerous publications.  After a while (I won’t say how long a while), I got published.  I intend keeping at it as long as the Muse stimulates the dark grey matter.  

    When I’m not writing or reading, I can be found doing my day job in the Information Services industry in Northern New Jersey, hiking, biking, hanging with my family, and playing with my cat (a black cat, naturally).

 C.I. Kemp