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Demon Ridge

Something down there doesn’t like you.  It’s ancient, it’s malignant and it’s very, very hungry. It emerges from the darkness and the people of Taylorville are its prey.

Three people stand between a helpless town and this undying evil: a young man who grew up in a house inhabited by a mystic and unpredictable presence; a onetime juvenile delinquent, now a single dad; and an old man with second sight.

Are they enough?

Published by AB Film Publishing, New York, New York
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" 'Demon Ridge' by C.I. Kemp opens with a bang in the past with an unexpected twist.  Kemp moves forward in time to what seems like a typical Americana town,  teenagers, and a tale of ghosts.  His smooth writing lures us into the center of two teenagers' lives suddenly changed by the intrusion of supernatural presence. 

Kemp takes us to Demon Ridge and we are locked in the powerful web of evil with his  characters.  I loved every dark, edgy moment."
- Linda Addison, HWA Bram Stoker Award-winning author of "How To Recognize  a Demon Has Become Your Friend"

“This story reminded me a lot of Stephen King's IT. It did not character develop just to kill names, thank goodness, but the building sense of doom and the legend of darkness around the town definitely were reminiscent of it. Though it did take a while to get rolling, once the tale of Jeff Strickland and Elliot Ryan got going it definitely took the reader for a ride.

“Told from multiple points of view, but mostly Jeff and Elliot, the reader is allowed to see from all angles. From the victims to the killer to the people just trying to figure out the puzzle, the reader can see the frustration, the pain, and the fear in the people of Taylorville. C.I. Kemp did very well in tying together all loose ends, though the placement and pacing was a bit rough. Still, it was an avid tale and one that is worth a try.”
     - Herika R. Raymer, Speculative Fiction Author and Editor


"‘Demon Ridge’ is a haunting tale of revenge and an evil which never dies. The author has created a realistic backdrop to some horrific and supernatural events in Taylorville, Massachusetts.

"Two boys affected deeply by the evil which lurks in this small town, touched by something more powerful than they realized at the time. Now as men, it’s up to them to confront the demon and ends its reign of terror once and for all. ‘Demon Ridge’ reminds me a lot of “Stand By Me” crossed with “It”, which delighted me as I love both of those stories.

"‘Demon Ridge’ is a disturbingly good horror novel and worth a read…with the lights on!"

- The Bibliographic Book Blog
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