- Short Stories
 C.I. Kemp
There’s a cave in Morgan’s Crossing that doesn’t exist. Or rather it does, but only to a chosen few. That’s good because it’s home to things that really shouldn’t be.

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Pickman's Motel

“You ask why I did what I did? It’s because of the auras.” What are the auras? Are they a gift that can prevent tragedy? Or are they a curse which reveal hidden truths – and death?

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The rains have come to Smoke Ridge. Dave and Lynn Bellknap, along with their neighbors have been removed to a place of safety. But is it, really?

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The Cleansing

Gryff will do anything to leave Terraquea, including stealing valuable Terraquean crystals to buy passage back to Homeworld. He’ll have to move fast, though. The deserted city which houses the crystals is about to be flooded beneath the rising sea. Complicating matters are a beautiful woman and her murderous lover.

Available in Encounters Magazine Issue 9


The Rowders have become the dominant life form on the planet, at the expense of humanity. A lone family huddles in a place of dubious safety, awaiting the inevitable.

Available in Isotropic Fiction Issue 8 at Amazon.com

Dead Meat

The Clan is starving. As Clanmaster, Finn will do anything to ensure their survival, even if it means providing food from a forbidden source. Already he has aroused the suspicion of a ruthless enemy who wants Clan leadership – and Finns’s woman.

Available in Allegory Magazine - Fall 2013
                                                    Big Eyes, Big Ears, Big Teeth

A red-clad girl watches as the woman in the bed takes on features that are distinctly non-human. The outcome is familiar and predictable – the aftermath is not.

Available at: http://www.everydayfiction.com/big-eyes-big-ears-big-teeth-by-ci-kemp/

Richard Upton Pickman was a brilliant, but twisted artist whose renderings were the stuff of nightmare. When a beautiful young woman learns his secret, the discovery has a horrific effect.
- Inspired by "Pickman's Model" by H.P. Lovecraft

Available in Kzine Issue 8 at Amazon.com
Some Call It Thunder

There’s a real place in New Jersey called the Stone Living Room — an array of rocks set in a most unusual pattern. For what purpose? A young woman uncovers the answer: it’s a doorway to another realm; a doorway best left unopened.

Available in Speculations From New Jersey.
Can be ordered from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Speculations-New-Jersey-Patrick-Lundrigan/dp/1496134133/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1397914859&sr=8-1&keywords=speculation+from+new+jersey
or from the author at a discount: chivkemp@gmail.com

The Fire Walkers

In an ancient land, a wanderer is saved him from a horrendous death by a mysterious band known as “The Fire Walkers. ” To honor this debt, however, he must face an even greater danger that may claim not only his life, but his soul.

Available inBards and Sages Quarterly April 2014 Issue (Volume 6, Issue 2)

Gator Girl

This is a tale about about alligators and snakes and all kinds of things that creep and crawl and slither in the swamp. (Oh yeah – it’s a love story).

Available in Kzine 12

You regain consciousness in an unfamiliar place. A stranger is telling you that your life as you know it is over.  A new life awaits - is it a dream or a nightmare?

Available at: http://everydayfiction.com/dis-orientation-by-c-i-kemp/